Sunday, July 13, 2008

Retro 2, Pressing

In early nineties,(1991/2-1993/4) I've started to work on comics, and illustration for magazine"Pressing", magazine for the students population in Niš.

This are some of, almost all of illustrations and cartoons. Some of them I still like a lot, for example parody on popular comic in ex-YU, "Mirko&Slavko",

Also there was one page where appears almost all people who work in editorial offices, except the editor at this time. This is page called Tora, where I present also graphic and production editor(passed away in 2005.)Zlatko Ristić-Paya, who's influence and help was of great importance for me at that time.
Here I present those two pages: Mirko &Slavko, and Tora, published in two numbers(as far as I remember February, and June 1992.)

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