Friday, July 18, 2008

Vive les vacances! Vacation!

I am going to be away for seven days, (hope that I'll have time to make a few drawings and to make a note of my impressions...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

illustrations and cartoons Pressing 92/93


Mirko &Slavko

Retro 2, Pressing

In early nineties,(1991/2-1993/4) I've started to work on comics, and illustration for magazine"Pressing", magazine for the students population in Niš.

This are some of, almost all of illustrations and cartoons. Some of them I still like a lot, for example parody on popular comic in ex-YU, "Mirko&Slavko",

Also there was one page where appears almost all people who work in editorial offices, except the editor at this time. This is page called Tora, where I present also graphic and production editor(passed away in 2005.)Zlatko Ristić-Paya, who's influence and help was of great importance for me at that time.
Here I present those two pages: Mirko &Slavko, and Tora, published in two numbers(as far as I remember February, and June 1992.)

retro-Krakov Krakov

An illustration, for Krakov Krakov, comic serial I was working in early nineties, with both Djordje Milosavljević, and Branimir Trošić. This is only the reproduction, since the original has been very poor protected and therefore ruined very fast.

Angažujmo se za bolji svet - francusko srpski strip album

Nakon nekoliko meseci, konačno je odštampan i album S’engager pour un monde meilleur: Angažujmo se za bolji svet, kao rezultat saradnje dve...