Sunday, September 16, 2007

HSF sketchbook

okay, I thought that I will draw much more, but that is not important...

since I am just back from Herceg Novi, where I was between many other artist,at Herceg Novi Comic Strip Festival(the first one) and have an exhibition during 10.09-15.09.07.for more details visit

the impression is that everything was great,

Many different people with one vision, every one of them was kind and friendly, we had some good times there in Herceg Novi during those five days, from the very beginning, when band named Disciplin A Kitschme actually opened the festival late night at Kanli tower, and another band Darkwood Dub had their concert at Herceg Novi theater club.

p.s. drawings was made while me an Dushan was sitting on café, together with the most popular and very good artist (ex-YU and Canada) Igor Kordey (the one with the hat) and Kruna...(not on this picture)...

the other details will be published in a while.

Angažujmo se za bolji svet - francusko srpski strip album

Nakon nekoliko meseci, konačno je odštampan i album S’engager pour un monde meilleur: Angažujmo se za bolji svet, kao rezultat saradnje dve...