Monday, May 30, 2016

Dawn of the unread-The fift book of Portland reedition

Here are some news about the comics done-a two years ago, I've made some changes in panels, according to important changes in story text, it is well explained here:
The complete issue is redesigned, now as it can be seen this project wins The Guardian University award in 2015.

here is one rough from new drawings:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Are we? Jesmo li-maxi single POPTONY

Are we?
with Alex Pop

 Posle skoro tri godine, od rada na ovom omotu, a oko pet je prošlo kada je nastalo ovo malo mini EP delo, konačno se pojavila i recenzija...izdavač maxi singla "Slušaj najglasnije".

Under the "Listen loudest" label this maxi single was released and published a three years ago, with Aleksandar Popović for music slices, and me reading own poems and lyrics from distant past. Aleksandar Popović is also known as painter, artist, with his passion for great and quality music.
And here is final review about it by Horvi