Thursday, June 5, 2008

in the office...and in between

in the office...and in between, my colleagues,so to speak,
early in march this year,when this was made.

Debris, sketches, page 42.

It's been a while, a big pause between last post here, and new pages in pencils. Finally, I decide to continue with Debris, here is new layout of, so tomorrow I will redraw it on bristol. Even it is sketch, I did it more detailed then usual, just to warm up for final drawings on panel.

Ateliers au College Alfred Maugin de Gradignan-Workshops with classes in college Alfred Maugin in Gradignan

Ateliers avec classes au lycée Alfred Maugin à Gradignan, en France, avec des étudiants jeunes, sur réalisation de bande dessinée pour al...