Monday, February 12, 2007


Razrada karaktera

U gornjem desnom uglu, portret Antonina Artoa...

...Max, epoha 50-tih...

Orijentalist scena 3, tabla 2

max, sketches, dali,

My favorite drawing for Max, in his studio, and Salvadorrr...

inking Orientalist

here it is...My favorite sequence was that where one of the astronauts point with his hand at something. That could be the best way to develop this story, I mean in that style. But...

back to Orientalist

At first,pencils for Orientalist, seems to look better than final product in ink. I may say, that I was completely lost, and that I have no idea where to go(literally).
The one of the many reasons for this, between long period for working on this pages, was that my primary style is "big foot" style, or French style in comics, funny, and cartoon.

thai chi

thai chi, inspired by M.

Yes, this sketches are not so good, when you look at anatomy, proportions, movement of this figures, but, they are worth as an impression...


Also, while I have my regular job, and activities, I have started an collaboration on new project, called "Orientalist", with Djordje Milosavljević,( Writer/director/ for:

1995 - Package arrangement
1999 - Wheels
1999 - Sky Hook
2001 - Natasha
2001 - The absolute 100

Unfortunately this"project", or simply said, an idea, remains unfinished. Here, I will put some preparatory sketches and three finished pages.

and another one...impressions


This sketches refers to my activity in thai chi chuan, since last spring...My first impressions from that period.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I would like to put here whatever created by chance, simply and spontaneous... on margins of my papers, notebooks, books also, anything that can be used for drawing...some ordinary sketches, and also little serious work on comics, preparatory sketches.
I have already mention before Max Debris, but I didn't explain the whole story about that comic character and serial...Originally it has been written by Djordje Milosavljević and later Marko Stojanović, continue to work on this comic.
At first published at Bumerang, a comic magazine from Subotica.Later, in 2001, this comic was released in album(European comic book)format and then lot later, last summer in famous, and well known magazine "Politikin Zabavnik", in colour.

Here is cover for the first episode of Max Debris, originally not published in full size.

Friday, February 9, 2007

još jedan crtež iz prošle godine, većina je nastala u periodu 2006.Povremeno se, kao i ovde u gornjem desnom uglu pojavljuju upečatljivi likovi iz kancelarija u kojima obično radim, negde su portretisani, negde karikirani, zavisi od trenutka.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

brainstorming 2


brainstorming early in the morning,one of these weeks, days...

crteži, skice, gribujaž...

Ovo je većinom star materijal, koji služi za one momente kreativne blokade, kao okidač,podsticaj, nekad da nekad, pa ne...

max characters

Researches, in different style types, also for Max, and Russian agents,new actors in this episode, down in left corner...

sunshine jah

malo pozitive !!!

work in progress...

sketches for new episode of Max Debris

Neke od postavki tabli, epizoda Maxa Debrisa...jos uvek pokusavam da dodjem do dobrog poteza vec u olovci...

early sketches...

Angažujmo se za bolji svet - francusko srpski strip album

Nakon nekoliko meseci, konačno je odštampan i album S’engager pour un monde meilleur: Angažujmo se za bolji svet, kao rezultat saradnje dve...