Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jean Giraud Moebius (8 mai 1938 - 10 march 2012)

Adieu a Jean Giraud Moebius(8.Mai 1938-10.March 2012)
On this day, great comic artist who inspired many artists, has died,

Major Fatal

Here is small hommage to him, my early work, from 1993, with a lot of his influence. But this is just a small tribute... 

Tribute from other artists to Moebius can be seen here:

Ateliers au College Alfred Maugin de Gradignan-Workshops with classes in college Alfred Maugin in Gradignan

Ateliers avec classes au lycée Alfred Maugin à Gradignan, en France, avec des étudiants jeunes, sur réalisation de bande dessinée pour al...