Thursday, October 9, 2014

More on 5th Duke of Portland

by Mulletproof Poet
beneath the weight of a century
and its spare change seasons
beneath the jet fighter trails
a future and reason
wrapped in ambiguity
and garments of wire
the house that never rests
welcomes or smiles
where tunnels spread as arteries
pulsing under woodland skin.
where bleeding gaslight scabs old wounds
and long forgotten things
where ghosts of obese horses
stare always at themselves
where no dancers waltz to memories
and distant church bells
where time takes a holiday
and masterpieces hide
to consider their tin box options
of oil based suicides
a recollection of a workforce
digs deep and shields its eyes
and chambermaids skate eternally,
carving stories in the ice
where authorities of silence
command the passages of age
cursing lonely circumstance
and a name scrawled on a page
where a duke found no peace,
company or home
but a necessary labyrinth,
a forever in which to roam
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sketches of Ben, and Duke above...

Duke and disorderly-The fift Duke of Portland

Recently I had a commission artwork as a  part of larger project called Dawn of the Unread,
which included both unique writers and comics artists
And as James Walker, who initiate this project mentioned:"Dawn of the Unread is an interactive graphic novel which will be made available across media platforms. It will feature Hunt Emerson, Michael Eaton, Eddie Campbell, Alison Moore, Nicola Monaghan, Andy Croft and many other writers and cartoonists. We released our front cover on 8 Feb 2014, National Libraries’ Day. A chapter will be released on the 8th of each month up until 8 April 2015."

The story I was working on with writer Andrew MulletProof Graves, is based on the 5th Duke of Portland, about whom writer Andrew MulletProof Graves, made a great introduction, and also tells a poem, Welbeck.

 pages and references are bellow:

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